The Future of American Obesity

What are your kids eating?
What are your kids eating?

After reading my post below entitled “How bad is the obesity epidemic” you are well aware of the astronomic increase in the waistlines of Americans over the past 20+ years. It shouldn’t surprise you that the same deadly trend is happening in our children. Continue reading “The Future of American Obesity”

How Bad is the Obesity Epidemic?

Part of the impetus for this site and the Weight Loss Counter Revolution book is the rapidity with which the problem of overweight and obesity has grown over the past few decades. It is quickly becoming one of the greatest public health disasters to threaten the health and lives of Americans in history. Continue reading “How Bad is the Obesity Epidemic?”

Why You Can’t Be Trusted

There is an essential principle in the world of weight loss that is essential to helping you understand why people are unsuccessful at losing weight.  I often hear people tell me that they “watch what they eat” or that they “eat healthy”.  They are almost never able to tell me exactly what that means.  This creates one of the greatest obstacles to weight loss.  Human beings are extremely inaccurate in estimating their caloric intake. Continue reading “Why You Can’t Be Trusted”

The No Cost Cure for Diabetes

There is an interesting physiological fact about muscle that will be of great benefit to all who are trying to treat or prevent  diabetes associated with being overweight.  In the book The Weight Loss Counter Revolution I explain why being overweight causes diabetes, what this does to your body, and why it’s so damaging.  In short, the body uses insulin to get sugar out of the bloodstream into cells where it is needed to provide energy.  Continue reading “The No Cost Cure for Diabetes”

Exercise and Montezuma’s Revenge

I thought I would post an interesting excerpt from The Weight Loss Counter Revolution Book on a little known benefit of exercise. There was an interesting study done of some brave souls that volunteered to be injected with the toxins produced by the nasty bacteria E. coli (Pedersen B. The anti-inflammatory effect of exercise: its role in diabetes and cardiovascular disease control.  Essay Biochem 2006;42:105-17.).  Continue reading “Exercise and Montezuma’s Revenge”

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