Myths and Facts About Obesity


I tend to receive my weekly copy of the New England Journal of Medicine with more than a muted enthusiasm.  Generally the articles are complex and related to other specialties of medicine that are not relevant to my daily practice.  So you can imagine my excitement when I saw an article entitled “Myths, Presumptions, and Facts about Obesity”. NEJM I, of course, snatched the up the journal before it mistakenly hit the recycle bin and fired up the blog machine to bring you the very latest info on weight loss. Continue reading “Myths and Facts About Obesity”

Don’t Drive Obese


I’m sure you know about all the health risks associated with being overweight.  You’ve grown tired from hearing about the increased risk of diabetes.  You’re sick of learning about the association between weight and heart disease.  You might even have had enough of the talk of sleep apnea. Continue reading “Don’t Drive Obese”

“Breakthrough Fat Burning Method”


Recently a friend of mine emailed a me a link to website that sells a product called Garcinia cambogia. On it was a video of Dr. Oz touting its miraculous effects as a “magic bullet” for weight loss.  The website has since been shut down, but trust me, it was quite a work of theater.  Click here for a youtube video somebody made of the episode.

Continue reading ““Breakthrough Fat Burning Method””

Turkey Burgers With Zucchini


My wife made super delicious turkey burgers the other day and, after I checked the nutrition facts, I decided I had to post a recipe on the site.  I’m always struggling to find adequate sources of protein which is not always easy to do in our carbohydrate flooded society.  Having a diet that has a high percentage of calories from protein has many advantages (See my post Pro Protein for more details).   Continue reading “Turkey Burgers With Zucchini”

Is Being Overweight a Good Thing?

Hot off the presses from the Journal of the American Medical Association is a new large analysis of the risk of dying based on body mass index (JAMA 2013;309(1): 71-82).  It has found its way into the media because of its surprising results.   It has long been my assertion based on the data that existed at the time that as your BMI increases above 30 it is clear that your risk of dying increases.  At a BMI between 25 and 30 it is not clear but your risk of dying probably increases. Continue reading “Is Being Overweight a Good Thing?”

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