The Vitamin Myth

vitamin myth

I came across a very interesting article recently that sheds light on the multi-billion dollar vitamin and supplement industry.  Years of clever marketing have manipulated our ability to understand or consume these products objectively.  Please read the article to get the full picture:

In 1996 Congress passed a law that allowed a substance to avoid scrutiny or testing by the FDA.  If a manufacturer marketed something as a food supplement they did not need to prove the efficacy of the product they are selling.  The companies that market these products do not have to:

1.  prove that the product does what they say it does.

2.  prove that it is any better than a placebo or sugar pill.

3.  prove that the product contains the chemicals they claim it does.

In other words, when you take a substance that is listed as a natural food supplement you have no idea what you’re taking or if it really works.  For more on the topic check out some of my prior posts on similar topics:

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