A Different Kind of Book

Picture4He was an otherwise healthy guy aside from being overweight.  He didn’t like pills and ate ‘healthy’.  So you can imagine the whirlwind he has experienced the last few days after his sudden onset chest discomfort was discovered to be a massive heart attack.  He is now on six different medications after getting a stent placed in his heart.  The patient two doors down was also healthy aside from some diabetes and extra weight when he suddenly had drooping of the left side of his face, slurred speech, and weakness on the left side of his body.  The clot busting medication has helped some but he may never fully recover from the massive stroke he suffered.  These, and many others like them, that have passed through my care in the past weeks have reminded me why I wrote a book and try to keep up this blog (even though I don’t really have time to).

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When I started medical school 14 years ago I had lofty goals of healing the sick, ending suffering, and just making people feel better.  Over the years I have been rather disappointed at how little it sometimes seems my profession and I am able to do.  I constantly wish I could do more.  I don’t just want to put bandaids on the problem, I wanted to help people prevent the damage in the first place.  That is why I wrote the book and keep up the blog.  My hope is that I can reach a few more people before they become the heart attack and stroke victims I see in the hospital.  I’m not in this for the money (which is good because I’m not making any).   My hope is that you will read the book and learn enough about your body to make the changes necessary to keep you from adding to the ever growing list of victims of the obesity epidemic.

So, as a tribute to those who have survived and those who have not, I am going to ask you to go and buy my book.  If not for you, for the friends and loved ones you almost certainly know who could use the information.  You can get your copy from Amazon by clicking here or clicking the picture of the book on the top of the page. A bold request it is, but I assure you this book is different than any other you’ll find out there.

To begin with, all the information in my book is based on real science.  I list hundreds of research publications from respected scientific journals and medical textbooks.  This is the same information I learned in medical school.  All I do is put it in layman’s terms and give it over to you.

There are no gimmicks.  This is one of the best selling points for the book while at the same time the main reason it is difficult to sell.  People really want simple, easy answers even though they know deep down that there are no easy simple answers.  At some point, however, it seems people come to grips with the fact that the gimmicks and fads don’t work.  At that point they are ready for the truth.  Unfortunately, they usually have wasted a great deal of time and money on gimmicks in the mean time.  Why would you continue to waste your time?

109158-GROV-front coverAs to the overall structure of the book, part one of the book is the bad news.  I wanted to start by creating enough fear to move you forward.  I explain the biology behind fat and how it leads to many chronic and devastating diseases.  All of the scary info is true and real – I just made no effort to sugarcoat it.

In part two, I show you why and how people gain weight.  I show you the pitfalls and obstacles of your human nature and biology that makes weight gain and obesity easy.  I show you the mechanisms of weight gain, appetite, and satiety to show you that, while obesity is a genetic and biological problem, it is not a life sentence.  There are those that are prone to gain weight but, with the proper knowledge and effort, that predisposition can be overcome. This part is where the good news comes in.  When you fully understand the mechanisms of weight gain, you will become empowered to manipulate them in a way that puts you at an advantage in your struggle.

Finally, in part three, I give you the solution.  I show you how exercise undoes all the bad news I told you about in part one. I discovered a treasure trove of research about exercise that, if followed correctly, will guarantee you success in achieving a healthy weight and a healthy life.  This part is the most important section of the book.

When you put together all three parts – knowledge about what the fat is doing, understanding how you are stimulated to gain weight, and committing to a lifestyle of exercise and diet control, you are guaranteed success.   The world outside is trying to sell you on the quick and easy fixes.  They all want you to think that their new product or method is the next revolution in weight loss.  Unfortunately, the world just doesn’t work that way.  For that reason I have called this book The Weight Loss Counter-Revolution. This books runs counter to all the fads, gimmicks, and quick-fixes; the “revolution” in weight loss that have always left you disappointed.  I’ve come along to help you fight back against the manipulations and half-truths.  Now is the time where I ask you to buy the book.  You can do so by clicking here or the picture of the book at the top of the page.  I don’t want you to end up in a hospital bed wishing you did.

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  1. I thought I would take a minute to thank you. Your blog is honest and challenging. I was fat, for awhile anyway. I could hardly recognize myself at the age of 48! Pre-menopause, stress, and a general disconnect from my body had led me to an 80 lb weight gain!! It piled on oh so quickly, terrifyingly so. In my 30’s I had been a personal trainer, and perhaps I took my body composition for granted, or maybe I just got lazy.
    It took 2-3 years to put on the bulk of the weight, and it has taken 4 years or so to get it OFF.
    I am thrilled that you are telling people the truth about excercise and diet. It takes sweat (4-5x per week) and whole fresh food for us to turn the corner on obesity. Making a commitment for life is essential!
    I have been receiving your newsletter for a few months and enjoy it so much! In fact, I am now studying Holistic Nutrition in order to better equip others in their pursuit of wellness. Thank you for sharing the wonderful truth!
    Best, Nina Johnson
    (a grateful reader)

    ps congratulations to you and your beautiful family on your new tiny blessing!! : )

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