Weight Loss Success Stories

success3I am sometimes asked by younger folks interested in a career in medicine for advice on how they can make it through the long and grueling process needed to become a doctor.  I have a few experiences from the process and made it through my self so I suppose I (or any other doctor) am a good person to ask.  I think this sheds light on a very important principal in achieiving success in any field.  Get guidance from people who are where you want to be.  Do what they did.   Continue reading “Weight Loss Success Stories”

Garlicky Grilled Tilapia With Couscous

The beauty of fish is the protein.  Getting enough protein in our current cultural food environment is extremely difficult and fish is one of the best sources.  If you want more on the importance of protein for your diet see my earlier post Pro Protein.

Why Does a Pulmonologist Care About Obesity?

Pickwickian Syndrome--Joe-The-Fat-Boy-Probably the question I get asked most frequently when people find out that I wrote a book on weight loss is, ‘Did you used to be overweight?’.  The premise of the question is not unfounded.  There are many people who, having been successful at significant weight loss, want to share their experience and secrets with others.  If you’re curious, the answer is no.  Aside from a brief pudgy pre-pubescent awkward phase, I have never been overweight (adolescence is just cruel). Continue reading “Why Does a Pulmonologist Care About Obesity?”

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