Easy to do workouts


I think it is clear both from experience and reams of medical research that successful long term weight loss just isn’t likely to be successful unless one commits to both diet and exercise.  It is so important that I dedicated 1/3 of my book to explaining exercise physiology in layman’s terms and putting forth the evidence for the most effective type of exercise.  While the concept of exercise is nice in theory, in practice, it is much more difficult.  Many people just don’t know where to begin.  They may pony up the gym fees.   They may even go to the gym only to be overwhelmed by all the machines, dumbells, and sweaty fit people who all seem to know more about exercise than them.  And this is for those who bought the membership and went to the gym in the first place.  Many sign up but never go more than a few times.  Many more don’t even get that far and never leave their couch.

For this reason I created my at home workouts page.  This contains workouts that can be done at home, without equipment, and usually in less than 20 minutes.  I have been inspired to add a few workouts to the page from Crossfit Steele Creek in Charlotte, NC.  They listed 100 “travel” workouts that can be done without any equipment at all.  I figured that these are good for anyone, not just for those on the road.  This means you save on gym fees and equipment costs without having to leave your living room.  You’ll save so much money that you’ll be able to buy a copy of my book without problem.  If you want to see the entire list, click here.  You can also surf over to my workouts page to see some other great workouts I have created.

 The most important thing with all of these workouts is that you time yourself and keep track of your time in a log of some kind.  This is crucial because I want you to do these workouts repeatedly over time.  If you log your times you’ll give yourself a goal to achieve with each workout – you’ll want to beat your last time.  You’ll also see what great progress your making.  This kind of positive reinforcement is incredibly important to maintain your motivation.  If you need instruction on correct form for any of these exercises, youtube has loads of videos.  Now put your smart phone down and get to work!

3x20 WO

10! WO

10x2 wo

10x3 WO

20x3 WO


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