The 4×4 Fitness Challenge Update

measure successI am now through week one of the 4×4 fitness challenge and have done pretty well so far, but as designed, the real test (and the real benefit) comes in weeks 2-4 where I will try to improve my time.  Not only am I through week one, but a great deal of the staff at the hospital where I work.  There are tons of nurses, clerks, pharmacists, social workers, and many other have taken the challenge.  Everybody is competeing hard but not against each other.  The only person you compete against with this challenge is yourself.   Continue reading “The 4×4 Fitness Challenge Update”

Dr. Oz Scolded on Capitol Hill

Oz Shameless Claims

The most fundamental reason why I wrote my book and keep up this blog is the belief that the only way for my patients, friends, and family to achieve successful weight loss and live healthy lives is to have an accurate understanding of how their bodies work.  I have found over and over that when people understand the mechanisms and science behind their own physiology, they are less likely to fall prey to marketing scams and baseless claims on television.   Continue reading “Dr. Oz Scolded on Capitol Hill”

The 4 x 4 Fitness Challenge

betterPeople frequently tell me that they have difficulty with exercise.  They don’t know where to begin.  They don’ t have gym memberships or, if they do, they don’ t know what to do when they get there.  They don’t have time.  These and many other excuses prompted me to come up with a four week challenge to help people get started on the path to improved fitness.  The challenge will involve four different easy, at-home, no equipment workouts to be done every week for four weeks.  Each of the workouts is timed and the goal of the challenge is to improve your time over the four week period.  This is a challenge where the only person you compete against is yourself.   Continue reading “The 4 x 4 Fitness Challenge”

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