The Secret of Change

change 7I was sitting in my office with a patient of mine the other day having a conversation I find myself having frequently.  She was a long time smoker who I had diagnosed with severe COPD (the lung disease caused by damage from smoking).  She had been hospitalized and was close to needing oxygen.  Yet, in spite of my warnings and castigations, she had broken her brief period of abstinence and was back up to “only a half pack a day”.  She was staring at the floor unable to look me in the eye like a child caught misbehaving by their parents. Continue reading “The Secret of Change”

Your weight is not your fault



But what about my genetics?’ she asked me somewhat exasperated.  This was towards the end of a discussion I was having with a young overweight lady who had a long, frustrating, and typical experience with yo-yo dietieng, fads, gimmicks, and an overall unsuccessful dieting history.  She was fed up, frustrated, and tired.  This was understandable so.  She wanted to know my opinion on the cause of her struggles.  Why is it so hard for her to lose weight when many of her friends have no issue at all. Continue reading “Your weight is not your fault”

Spicy Italian Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Italian-Zucchini-Boats3It’s been a while since I posted a recipe I like from out in cyberspace.  I decided to find a recipe using zucchini boats.  This recipe is a great example of using healthy food as a foundation for flavor.   Too often, heavy carbs are used to support a dish – pasta, breads, etc.  This adds unncessary calories and all the carb heavy diet drawbacks.  Using zucchini or squash or other bulky vegetables as the foundation you get the bulk you need to feel full without losing any of the flavor.  Enjoy!

Continue reading “Spicy Italian Stuffed Zucchini Boats”

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