DIY Your Salad Dressing

Healthy-Salad-Dressing-RecipesIn my practice of medicine I see so many people who struggle with their diet. They swear to me that they watch what they eat carefully and still can’t lose weight. I saw one patient recently who was so committed to decreasing her calorie intake that she went so far as to eat salad. For her, this was a major sacrifice. In fact, the way many Americans eat, swtiching to salad is a majory lifestyle change.   Continue reading “DIY Your Salad Dressing”


loopholePart of my intention with this blog is to share with you new information, techniques, or research that I think will help you with your weight loss struggles. So when I recently came across a podcast and book by an author named Gretchen Rubin I was super excited to share some of her insights with you. Continue reading “Loopholes”

Exercises that burn more calories than running

getty-148345501-warrengoldswain-mainRunning is probably the most popular exercise in the world for weight loss.  I think the most likely reason is that it’s the easiest to do.  Most of us have been running since we were toddlers and pretty much have mastered the technique.  While ultra marathon fanatics would probably scream at me and claim that mastering running technique is something that few have done, I think most of us have the methodology down enough to make it the mainstay of our exercise routine. Continue reading “Exercises that burn more calories than running”

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