The Trouble With Resolutions

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We’re now into 2016, the ball has dropped,the hangover has worn off, and unfortunately, reality has returned.  If you’re like many, part of the nog-induced pre-New Years delirium included lofty plans to start exercising and changing your diet.  Not right away, I mean the holidays were coming and who can be expected to diet and exercise during the holidays?  Let’s get real people!  So that was your bargain.  You bought an unfettered holiday eating season on credit and it’s time to pay the piper.  

images (13)This brings up an issue I have with the entire New Year’s resolution as a concept.  I think it completely misses the essence of successful life change.  It places the change at a single point in time in the future. These kinds of resolutions always happen later.  True change always happens now.  Further, change doesn’t come at a single point in time, change happens at every point in time.  Every moment you are faced with a decision to continue with your commitment.

The problem with the resolution is that when that moment passes and you fall off the wagon, the moment has passed and cannot be regained.  You have to wait until next year when the cycle repeats itself.

Why not try something different? Instead of a resolution in time make a small resolution now. That’s right, now. Decide in this moment to meet a challenge in your life head on.  Right now.  Make it small, but stick to it.  Then at another moment take on another challenge right then.  Don’t wait for a moment in the future.  Success always happens now.

For more on how to deal with that check out my post Falling Off the Wagon.  For more on how to set achievable goals check out  my post on Setting SMART Goals.  Happy New Year!


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