Rethinking the Calorie

Rethinking the Calorie


I read the above article and it makes a strong case for rethinking how we approach calorie counting.  Calorie counting is something I advocated for in the past (Click here to see my reasons) but have come recently to question the approach.  I was given a link to the above article and the author makes a strong case for the weaknesses of calorie counting in general. A link to the article can be found here.  You should check it out.

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If You’re Not Doing This Exercise Plan You May be Wasting Your Time


I have a very busy life.  I have five children and work (more than ) full time as a physician.  Long hours working in the intensive care unit followed by the nightly bedtime battles (my wife and I are outnumbered) make squeezing in trips to the gym not an option.  The problem is that middle age is barreling towards me like a freight train and exercise is the only thing that will untie me from the tracks.  My metabolism is only getting slower.  For that reason, finding a fitness plan that is effective without taking a lot of time is essential. Continue reading “If You’re Not Doing This Exercise Plan You May be Wasting Your Time”

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