Avoid This Deadly Weight Loss Supplement!

DNP death headlinesHe was a 30 year old Ph.D. student who was just three weeks from getting his doctorate in computer science who just wanted some help losing a few extra pounds.  He id his research and bought a weight loss supplement online called DNP (dinitrophenol).  It’s a benign appearing yellow powder that he was taking for about 2 weeks.  At about 2 am after his last dose he started feeling unwell, anxious, jittery, and sweaty.  His friends brought him to the ED where he had a high temperature (>101°F) and was tremulous and anxious.  The ED doc told his friends that he probably would need a few hours for the effects to wear off and they could come get him in the morning.  Little did they know that was the last they would speak to him again. Continue reading “Avoid This Deadly Weight Loss Supplement!”

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