My COVID-19 Journey

covid-19-1330pxI now have a separate site for this topic:

Its clear that the people with the chronic conditions caused by obesity and those who are confined to nursing homes because of chronic sedentary neglect are at the highest risk. I started this blog several years ago to help my patients with weight loss (as you can see from the other posts) but right now I sit at the beginning of this insane time and I’m right at the front of it all waiting for the onslaught.  I work as an ICU doctor and, based on all the reports, this disease puts lots of people in the ICU. 

For that reason I have been doing quite a bit of reading abou SARS-CoV2 virus and the COVID 19 syndrome it causes.  The research was initially to prepare myself to care for patients and part for my own interest but then the calls and texts started.  I was getting them from friends, family, neighbors, and some were strangers to me (friends of friends). I was having debates with other doctors.  I was talking with a friend who’s at the command center at Johns Hopkins.  

So I thought I’d put my experience out there for others to read.  I figured many are stuck at home and wondering what’s going on out there?  You may be tired of the sensationalist nature and over dramatization of the news media.   You may want a real life story.  What follows is my experience as a physician as a person and  a doctor going through this pandemic.  Along the way I’ll try to give my perspective and help educate you about what’s going on. 

I am not claiming expertise on the pandemic only on my experience.  There have been several hundred research studies on this virus published in the past several weeks ‎which document every aspect of its biology, epidemiology, spread, and clinical course.  The ‎physicians and epidemiologists that work at the CDC are the most up to date and knowledgeable ‎people in the world on this topic. I trained in Atlanta and was taught by many CDC physicians and know ‎the great breadth and depth of their knowledge.  You should have great faith in their recommendations.  If you read something that contradicts their or the federal or local governmental recommendations it is because the recommendations changed between my writing and your reading the post.  

They will give you the best advice to keep you healthy, but I wanted to give you my personal first hand experience.  ‎At the very least you’ll have something to read while stuck at home when you’re sick of listening to the news.  

If you have any specific questions for me or if there is something you’d like for me to explain you can post them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them in later posts.  You should always get your information first from these trusted sites: 


PS: It is clear that the people with the chronic conditions caused by obesity are at the highest risk. If you are overweight and have any chronic diseases, the best way for you to protect yourself is to get healthy for the next pandemic and there will be more.  So go ahead and read, like, and forward the other posts to get advice on how to lose weight and get healthy.  You’ve got nothing better to do.

7 thoughts on “My COVID-19 Journey

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  1. Thank you!
    I’ve been a big fan for years, although for my weight-loss journey I had to cut out ALL sugar, wheat, and flour.
    I still recommend your book to MANY.

  2. My sister in law tested positive she is 35 and its taking its toll on her. She is a vegan which as far as I am concerned means she is immunocompromised as Iron and Zinc are an important part of the immune system. I can email you her journey thus far.

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