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Daniel Grove, M.D is board certified in general internal medicine, critical care, and pulmonology.
He originally sought to make a pamphlet to help educate his patients about their weight in a way that brief office visits allow. He became frustrated with the lack of information and outright falsehoods that are everywhere. Soon, he was prompted to conduct more research and the result is his book, The Weight Loss Counter Revolution. Dr. Grove lives in Baltimore, MD with his beautiful wife and five wonderful children. He is available for giving seminars on the information in The Weight Loss Counter Revolution.


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      1. if i brisk walk in the morning and eat six small hhaltey meal a day can i lose weigth and be skinny or do i have to jog in the morning to lose weight hope not cuz i cant jog cuz i got joint problem what u suggest cam i lose weight with brisk walking or is not enougth to lose weight cuz everytime i jog i get pain like in less than a week on my leg and cant work out for like months

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