Weight Loss Surgery Explained: Gastric Bypass Surgery

al roker gbs

What follows is an excerpt from my book The Weight Loss Counter Revolution explaining gastric bypass surgery. I’ve had many people ask about the surgery so I thought I would post this section from the book to help you understand the procedure.  Here we go.

The Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery (GBS)

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Weight Loss Surgery Explained: The Lap Band

lap-bandThe dramatic surge in weight in this country has led to a parallel surge in the numbers of people who turn to surgery to solve their weight problem.  These procedures are very serious undertakings that should be understood and certainly not taken lightly.  The mechanisms by which they work speak volumes about the true mechanisms behind weight gain and the difficult road to weight loss.  The next few posts are taken out of the Weight Loss Counter Revolution book (which can be purchased by clicking here). Continue reading “Weight Loss Surgery Explained: The Lap Band”

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