A Different Kind of Book

Picture4He was an otherwise healthy guy aside from being overweight.  He didn’t like pills and ate ‘healthy’.  So you can imagine the whirlwind he has experienced the last few days after his sudden onset chest discomfort was discovered to be a massive heart attack.  He is now on six different medications after getting a stent placed in his heart.  The patient two doors down was also healthy aside from some diabetes and extra weight when he suddenly had drooping of the left side of his face, slurred speech, and weakness on the left side of his body.  The clot busting medication has helped some but he may never fully recover from the massive stroke he suffered.   Continue reading “A Different Kind of Book”

The Best Diet

Source: Consumer Reports
Source: Consumer Reports

One of the most common questions I have been asked since I started focusing so much on the research behind weight loss is which diet is the most effective.  This is usually a hot topic because people can be very passionate about their diets.  They have very strong opinions and fervent beliefs. Continue reading “The Best Diet”

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