The Truth About Cheese


If you check out my last post, I have been deep into a new book by Michael Moss called “Salt, Sugar, Fat:  How the Food Giants Hooked Us”.  It’s an amazing insider’s view at how the food industry has manipulated these three pillars of food production to get us hooked on their products (and make us fat in the process).  Continue reading “The Truth About Cheese”

Salt, Sugar, and Fat

salt sugar fat

I have been reading a great new book recently entitled “Salt, Sugar, Fat: How The Food Giants Hooked Us” by Michael Moss. As you can imagine, this book is right up my alley.  I have learned quite a bit.  Even after all the reading I have done on the topic, I was still blown away by the myriad ways these companies manipulate us to become dependent on their products.  Continue reading “Salt, Sugar, and Fat”

How They Manipulate You…

Beware of marketing manipulation

As I have become more and more interested in the science and medicine of weight loss I have become more aware of the relationship between us (the consumers) and the food industry.  I have become especially aware of how packaging and marketing so subtly and successfully manipulates our subconscious to buy (and eat) more of what they’re pushing.  I wanted to take this opportunity to make you aware of some of how the food industry is manipulating your subconscious and controlling your decisions. My goal is to help you make more informed and healthier decisions. Continue reading “How They Manipulate You…”

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