Dr. Oz Scolded on Capitol Hill

Oz Shameless Claims

The most fundamental reason why I wrote my book and keep up this blog is the belief that the only way for my patients, friends, and family to achieve successful weight loss and live healthy lives is to have an accurate understanding of how their bodies work.  I have found over and over that when people understand the mechanisms and science behind their own physiology, they are less likely to fall prey to marketing scams and baseless claims on television.   Continue reading “Dr. Oz Scolded on Capitol Hill”

“Breakthrough Fat Burning Method”


Recently a friend of mine emailed a me a link to website that sells a product called Garcinia cambogia. On it was a video of Dr. Oz touting its miraculous effects as a “magic bullet” for weight loss.  The website has since been shut down, but trust me, it was quite a work of theater.  Click here for a youtube video somebody made of the episode.

Continue reading ““Breakthrough Fat Burning Method””

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